Paddlefish Caviar


Paddlefish Caviar, harvested in North American waters, is delicate, rich and creamy, with small, silvery pearls. Our caviar is packed exclusively by Browne Trading Company, a leader in superior-quality caviar from around the world.


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7.0 ounce (Serves 1), 1.0 ounce (Serves 1)

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    I just received a call from my parents after getting just half-way through their birthday/Mother’s Day dinner. I’ve never written a business to thank them before, but you forced me to. After hanging up the phone was beaming. We live in Rockland and my parents enjoy vacationing up here, so I used MLD to send a little bit of “here” to “there” (apparently you CAN get there). From the very helpful staff I spoke with when I was unsure of how to order online, to the amazing delivery (showed up at 10:10am in the 10:00-14:00 window) to the quality of the seafood – which I was only able to sample through the rave reviews over the phone – thanks. From everything we were considering sending, I am certain we made the right choice and then some. You will be seeing my business again. – Best, Mike

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