Can Bake


Each Can-Bake Dinner includes your selection of either Medium (1.2-1.4 lbs.) or  Large (1.5-1.8 lbs.) Live Maine Lobsters. Your choice of our own clam chowder or lobster bisque, along with metal shell cracker(s), seafood forks and cooking guide.



The Can Bake Dinner makes cooking Lobster a breeze. Just add water to the Gold Steamer can and cook it on a stove, grill or fire pit. Check the cooking guide for the appropriate cook times. When you’re done devouring the feast, toss the shells in the steamer can and throw it out!

Easily please your guests with this dinner, either medium or large Maine lobster are a treat. Guests will enjoy this dinner so much, it will become a tradition! If you are looking for a dinner like this that includes clams, mussels or jumbo shrimp, we also offer the Can Bake with Shellfish dinner.

About Our Lobsters

All of our lobsters are hand selected hard-shell and wild caught in Maine daily and are antibiotic free. Once the lobsters have been selected and graded, we keep them healthy by holding them in large tanks that have constant recirculation of cold Maine ocean water. Once it is time for your lobsters to be shipped, they are packed in a cooler with some seaweed (when available) and ice packs to ensure they arrive alive and fresh to your doorstep, within 24 hours. To learn more about Maine Lobster Direct, take a look at our about us page.

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Medium (Serves 1), Medium (Serves 2), Medium (Serves 3), Medium (Serves 4), Medium (Serves 5), Medium (Serves 6), Medium (Serves 7), Medium (Serves 8), Medium (Serves 9), Medium (Serves 10), Medium (Serves 11), Medium (Serves 12), Large (Serves 1), Large (Serves 2), Large (Serves 3), Large (Serves 4), Large (Serves 5), Large (Serves 6), Large (Serves 7), Large (Serves 8), Large (Serves 9), Large (Serves 10), Large (Serves 11), Large (Serves 12)


Clam Chowder, Lobster Bisque


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