Atlantic Elegance Dinner


1 Jumbo Lobster per person (2 lbs. each)
20 grams of Galilee Prime Osetra Caviar
3.0 ounce container Creme Fraiche
4.0 ounces of Smoked Salmon Fillet and Cocktail Blinis
2 servings of MLD Premium Select Lobster Stew (8 oz. each)
2 large Gourmet Chocolate Truffles

Butter, Lemon, Sea Salt, Shell Cracker & Seafood Forks Black Enamel Pot, Butter Warmer with Candle Gift Message and Cooking Directory


This dinner was created for those who have an appreciation for the finer things in life. Smoked Salmon and Galilee Prime Osetra Caviar appetizers are followed by a delicious bowl of our decadent Premium Select Lobster Stew. Jumbo hard-shell Lobsters packed full of succulent meat, and gourmet Truffles complete this incredible meal.


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