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Are you kidding me! I don't know who you guy's are but I cannot believe you could send me 75 lobsters, along with 2- 3 pounders and 10 pounds of Clams, to my party in the middle of the desert in Tempe Arizona from Portland Maine on a Saturday and not .......

e one thing go wrong!! I held my breath placing an order with a company I'd only met on the internet for a Lobsterfest 50th birthday party for myself and my best buddy. We invited 85 guests to attend a party that could only be a success if two companies performed, Maine Lobsters Direct and FedEx. Saturday at 9:30 am FedEx showed up and the driver stated "they're here!", knowing they were lobsters. My wife was the only one home at the time so the driver carried the lobsters down to the basement for her. We had the temperature set at 59 degrees to keep the little guys cool. I arrived home and was expecting to find a few dead ones but to my surprise each Lobster had it's own slot in the box, (I thought they'd just be stacked on top of each other buried in seaweed). Every single lobster was alive and flipping! The party was to start 6 hours from then and I left them alone and started preparing the cooking area. As guests arrived we fired up the clams first. We boiled a mixture of seawater and beer and steamed them as per your instructions. "Best clams I've ever had", were the remarks I heard all night! Then it was Lobster and Corn time. We boiled and steamed the corn and Steamed the Lobsters in 60 quart steamers with seawater and the seaweed you packed them in as well as a 1/2 cup of vinegar. EVERY Lobster came out perfect. 8 to 10 minutes was the average cooking time and I cooked every one of them myself. Having never done this before I was more then proud! Every guest thought I was nuts cooking all these Lobsters for them. I couldn't tell you how many asked for your website, I hope they all call you. The extras allowed my kids and their friends, who helped us with the party, each get their own Lobster! I'm not just blowing smoke, this has been one of the best experiences I have ever had throwing a party! I owe it all to you guy's and girl's. From the bottom of my heart, "THANK YOU" for making this all happen perfectly! I WILL do this again. The magnet you sent with the package is on my fridge and I can't wait! Sincerely, John DeGraaf Tempe, Arizona

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