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I am originally from Cape Cod, and when my neighbor sent me one of your gift packages I was delighted. I returned the favor to her at Christmas. .......

r staff is wonderful, I wish I could remember the girl that I spoke with and that answered my e-mails, as she was great. I made a mistake in the address that I wanted the package delivered and she took care of correcting it for me, and later contacted me to reassure me that all was well. My neighbor was delighted with her gift. As for me, living in Florida it is very difficult to find real steamers (I will refrain from using the name we called them on the Cape when I was young and dug for them). My package arrived on a night I was not able to cook the lobsters, but those steamers went right into the pot........ The lobsters were packed with meat and everything was so fresh I could smell the cold Atlantic Ocean upon opening the box. I have since referred several friends who have also ordered from you. YOU HAVE MY HIGHEST TESTIMONIAL, also, please check your records and give that sweet girl that I talked to a raise as she was wonderful. Sincerely, Diane Johnson

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