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As transplanted New Englanders, we decided years ago that we had to pay a price for the sun in our eyes and the sand in our shoes when we moved to Florida back in the sixties. That price was.......

e could not enjoy all the scrumptious New England seafood we grew up on. Sure, we could get Maine lobster now and then, but it was overpriced and never as fresh and tasty as it should be. Carribbean and warm-water fish is plentiful, but let's face it, there is no comparison to our delectible northern fare. All this changed a few years ago when our son ordered some lobsters from you as a gift to us for a special occasion. What a treat ! ! ! We were so thrilled, that we now receive them on a fairly regular basis. Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays and anniversaries almost always mean that familiar Fed Ex package containing the very best in dining. We've been fortunate to beable to sample many of the different packages you offer and found them all to be excellent (lobsters & steamers are the favorites). We've given a lot of your refrigerator magnets along with our recommendations to many friends and are now planning to use you to solve many of our upcoming gift problems. Keep up the good work. Your quality, selections and service are the very best. Sincerely, Bill & Nancy Taylor Miramar, Florida

Bill Taylor

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