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To all the folks at Maine Lobster Direct, Keep up the great work! My parents, born and raised in Connecticut, became snowbirds last year,living the winters in Florida and summers in CT....

They both mentioned mid-winter that one of the things they miss is good seafood and the fact that they can't find steamers at all where they live in Florida. That gave my wife and I the idea to search for a way to get them the seafood they love, delivered to their door. I didn't want to ship them pre-cooked food but wanted fresh seafood. I was amazed to find as many seafood websites as I did. After looking at a site other than yours, I went to your site. The number of items to choose from made it apparent that you folks meant business. I was looking for a meal package and you have so many packages to choose from, my wife and I had to actually make a list and narrow it down (this is a good thing). I was pleasantly surprised that the prices seemed very reasonable, (and lower than the first site I checked out), for what the packages contained. I didn't even bother going to another site. I ordered the DownEast Feast with Large Upgrade. I've never ordered live seafood and had it shipped anywhere, never mind to Florida where the temp has been in the mid-80's lately. I had visions of much less than live, kicking, seafood being delivered to my folks. The internet ordering process was a breeze, I ordered on Monday, 4/1/2002, and specified Wednesday, 4/3/2002, as the delivery date. My folks called my wife and I on 4/3/2002 after receiving the package at about 3 PM and they couldn't believe what they got. I had tipped them off not to plan anything for supper and to plan on being home, so of course that evening they learned what was for dinner. I had all kinds of questions about how everything turned out so when my folks called to tell us how great everything was, I wanted to hear all the details. When I placed the order I wondered how everything was going to be shipped and when she told me what was packed inside the cooking pot, I had trouble imagining it. My main concern of course was the quality of everything. They told me: the lobsters were very much alive and kicking, the steamer necks responded well when touched indicating they were alive and well, the size of the steamers were just right (i.e. not the fork & knife required to eat size), the steamers were really clean, and the chowder was full of clams and potatoes. They stuffed and baked the lobsters and had so much food that they didn't cook up the potatoes which also came in the pot. They thoroughly enjoyed the meal and couldn't thank us enough for such a pleasant and different gift idea. Thank you for making this an enjoyable experience for them and for me even though I didn't get to eat any of the delicious meal. Next time, I'm ordering 2 feasts, one for my folks and one for my wife and I. Please feel free to post any portion of this email on your website as a testimonial to the great product and service you provide. Again, to you folks and the delivery folks, thanks and keep up the great work. Bob Hastings

Bob Hastings

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