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Last month a group of us who work here in New York shipped a lobster dinner to a co-worker in Chicago who was retiring in lieu of being able to take him to dinner ourselves. The dinner was at their door at 10:30 am and the lobsters were lively....

Our co-worker and his wife were thrilled with the package and couldn't wait to celibrate his first day of retirement that night over their lobster dinner. They enjoyed it so much that they called me at home after dinner to rave about the entire meal.....needless to say the lobsters were delicious, as were the crab claws, chowder and cheesecake (they wholeheartedly agree your chowder is "Damn Good!). I'd like to thank everyone at Maine Lobster Direct for helping us make a memorable evening for our friend. And without a doubt your prices are the best on the web!!! Thanks again. Jennifer Urda

Jennifer Urda

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