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Greetings! I just wanted to forward my testimonial regarding a recent gift received for Christmas from my sister; back home in New England. That’s right. I’m a Yankee transplanted south to North Carolina. If there is one thing I miss more than anything.......

ow that I live in the south, it is seafood! Ayuh, I love seafood. All kinds. I must tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to receive one of the Lobster Dinners for Two. Naturally, the excellence of Maine hard shell lobsters is noteworthy and unforgettable. The cocktail shrimp were exquisite. The New England Clam Chowder was absolutely unbelievable. The entire presentation and marketing of the package was thoughtful and appropriate; in particular, the shipping. The attention to the little details like including sea salt that made all the difference to a native. And for the novice or laymen, the inclusion of the bibs, shell cracker, pick and instructions is a necessity. I could probably take several paragraphs to describe the divine nature of your clam chowder alone. Every element of the gift provided the palate with a distinctly unique experience. A profusion of memories blooming with each succulent bite that past my lips and exploded on taste buds that languished for “fresh from the wharf” seafood. I want to travel along Route 1 right now and hit my favorite inlets, bays and restaurants! I would just like to make a few other points. One, my sister must really think a lot of me, huh? Two, I really don’t deserve it but thank God she does! Three, even if I don’t deserve it, it certainly is the next best thing to being there with her, the family and all those special moments we have shared on the coast of New England eating seafood. Finally, when I visited your site, I was not offended by the reasonable price of her gift but proud of her for being so thoughtful and yet, frugal. Yankees believe in frugality! In conclusion, I commend you for a great business. I look forward to ordering some (10 lbs.) steamed clams for our friends during our spring fling. “You’ve got to be kidding; steamed clams”, my wife exclaimed. Please, NO necks only! Yours truly, Rock Ringer

Rock Ringer

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