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For our 38th Wedding Anniversary, my wife and I received your 'Downeast Can Bake' in a gold steamer can. I prepared the meal for us and was amazed at the simplicity of the cooking process. It was my first time ever to cook lobster....

The meal was delicious and I feel like an old master in lobster cookong, due to the amazing results. We had the shrimp and chowder which arrived in the same package and it was ALL outstanding. I suppose I am still amazed that my first time results were so good. Your instructions were very clear and were followed exactly. My only problem was seeing the steam begin to escape from the vent hole so I could start timing. so I held a glass above the vent and when the glass filled with steam, my 13 minutes began. I am legally blind and a small column of steam is impossible to see...but I can see a clear glass full of vapor. So, add this to your credentials: If a 63 year old half-blind MALE first-timer can prepare your product with astounding success....anyone can! Do you have printed product information you can mail to me? I do not have a computer and the small pocket mail device is limited to 4000 characters and receives NO pictures. The lobster meal was a gift from one of our three sons who found you on the net. If you could send brochures....product lists, prices, etc. I will appreciate it very much. Howard L.Pierce, , Collierville, TN

Howard Pierce

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