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Hi- I just wanted to write and let you know how much my family and I enjoyed our Fantasy Lobster Dinner that was delivered yesterday. Though I am very much an avid seafood lover, particularly of shellfish.......

had never prepared any type of shellfish at home prior to last night. Having had no experience, I was a little concerned about what might be involved and whether or not I'd be able to "get it right". I needn't have worried however, since the comprehensive and informative booklet you provided told me everything I needed to know about cooking all the items included in our custom package. I can't say ENOUGH about the quality of your products, everything came out absolutely PERFECT, was remarkably simple to prepare, and our entire dinner was positively scrumptious!! The clams were to die for, the beef tenderloin was AMAZING, even the corn on the cob was somehow uncommonly good- fresh, plump and juicy. As for the lobster tails themselves....well, what can I say? Hands down, it was by far the very BEST lobster I have ever eaten in my entire life, ANYWHERE, and my whole family was in agreement with me!!! Not only have you gained a customer for life, but from now on, instead of going out to a restaurant to celebrate special occasions when they arise, we will order one of your packages instead, and I can promise you, we will be doing that ALOT!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you... I can't possibly convey just how impressed we were!!! And, please feel free to post any or all of these comments on your website, I'd LOVE to help you gain more customers so more people can enjoy your products (I have already started telling friends about you)! Thanks again, and I know it won't be long before we feel compelled to place another order, special occasion or no, LOL- we won't be able to wait, I know! Sincerely, Mara L. Zeman Roswell, GA


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