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I can't say enough about your lobsters! We ordered 6 of the jumbo tails last Monday morning, they were here Tuesday morning, and we ate them on our anniversary the next day! They were absolutely great! They smelled like they were fresh out of the ocean.......

nd tasted heavenly. It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary, and include our whole family in on the feast. The cost was the same as if the two of us had gone out to The Keg or Black Angus, yet our whole family got to enjoy a lobster (my 7 year old son just LOVES seafood). We will definitely be ordering more in the future. We have a friend who has a 40th B-day coming up who might just get a dinner pak from us! Thanks for making our anniversary so special! Best Regards, Ron and Shawna Thornton

The Thornton's

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