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Hi Guys and Gals! I just had to write and say THANK YOU! I ordered 40 medium size Maine lobsters to be delivered to my parents home in rural northern Illinois the Saturday before Memorial Day. I was told the lobsters would be at the house before 1 p.m....

and sure enough, they were! My family and I had a great outdoor lobster boil that Sunday. It was a day we will not soon forget!!! I have been a chef for 9 years and these were some of the most beautiful lobsters I have ever seen! Each one was very lively and looked as if I had plucked them from the ocean myself!!! Also, the size of these lobsters seemed to be on the large side. What an event! Thank you all very much, once again, for making a special and rare family occasion even more memorable! Brad Stoeckel

Brad Stoeckel

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