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I just got an email from my mom. Here were her comments. I thought you might like to see them: .......

The Fanasty dinner was delivered about 11:15am Friday. It was the talk of the office. Everyone kept asking questions. My boss was very impressed. Inside the shipping box was a styrofoam container. The lobsters were packed in seaweed. We could have made three meals from it. The bowl of chowder and the huge stuffed clam made me full and I could have stopped there. We couldn't eat the beef. We're going to have those on Sunday. The lobsters were so fresh they gave us quite a fight trying to get them in the pan. Placemats( describing how to eat lobster) and bibs were included in the package. We were very impressed with the booklet included. The meal was positively grand. Thank you..." Thanks again! I will definitely be a returning customer! I hope you have a nice day. Best regards, Lisa


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