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Packages delivered by UPS & FedEx on December 23 & 24th may be delivered a few hours late due to high volume.

General Store

Description of General Store
black enameled pot
Black Enameled Pot

From $25.00 | Details | Order
blue mango veggie burgers
Blue Mango Veggie Burgers

From $12.95 | Details | Order
butter warmer with candle
Butter Warmer with Candle

From $12.95 | Details | Order
dishing up maine cookbook
Dishing Up Maine Cookbook

From $27.95 | Details | Order
extra sea weed  1 0 lb
Extra Sea Weed, 1.0 lb

From $2.50 | Details | Order
gold steamer can
Gold Steamer Can

From $16.00 | Details | Order
kelp noodles 4 0 ounce  fresh frozen
Kelp Noodles 4.0 ounce, fresh frozen

From $4.95 | Details | Order
lobster cooking salt
Lobster Cooking Salt

From $2.95 | Details | Order
lobster shell cracker
Lobster Shell Cracker

From $4.75 | Details | Order
lobster video
Lobster Video

From $19.95 | Details | Order
new england clam shack cookbook
New England Clam Shack Cookbook

From $24.95 | Details | Order
new england style buns
New England Style Buns

From $7.45 | Details | Order
sea scallops
Sea Scallops

From $22.95 | Details | Order

Happy New Year,

My husband and I are so grateful we found your company. The thought of what to get our parents who spend the winter in California has been so difficult. Now we can send a touch of home to them. They were thrilled with the order.... more

LobsterA fan

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